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Wondrous Watermelon Soap

Watermelon Soap

Clear glycerin soap base, watermelon juice & seeds.

I got the idea for this soap when I saw a soap made to look like watermelon, using colorants for the green rind and red interior. I wondered what using real watermelon would look like, so I created a soap using watermelon juice and this is the result.

Watermelon is rich in vitamins A, B, & C. It leaves the skin glowing, fresh, and hydrated, perfect for winter-dryed skin. This soap does not have a strong scent. I have found that anyone can use this soap. I knew someone with Lyme disease who could not be around ANY scent, even natural ones. She told me this was the only soap she could use without a reaction.

I do not add preservatives to my soap. The juice gets added to hot liquefied soap so it is slightly heated during the soap making process which creates a soap that lasts without going bad.

Wondrous Watermelon Soap bar

Wondrous Watermelon Bar
approx 4 oz.

out of stock



Wondrous Watermelon Magic Set
Made with Shea Butter glycerin base
approx 4 oz.`total weight

Contact me if interested,special order only.