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Guilty Pleasures
Goddess Soap

Goddess Soap

Glycerin soap base, sweet almond oil, oatmeal, lavender (lavendula augustifolia) essential oil.

When I first got into soap making, I tried making a more complicated recipe involving adding oil and other ingredients then whisking to mix it in. The result was supposed to be a harder "hand milled" soap. My attempt, however, resulted in a soap that never hardened and was light and fluffy. Since I didn't want to waste all that soap, I experimented by melting some glycerin base and adding some of the soft soap to it. The result is this beautiful bar of soap that naturally forms a white layer on the top. All the oatmeal sinks to the bottom and the middle is a nice soft beige color. The lavender scent makes it a wonderful indulgence.

Once I had used up the original mistake soap, I then had to re-create the mistake in order to make more. The re-creation did harden (top right in the picture), but the end result is the same. This soap is included in the Guilty Pleasures because of the time involved in making it.

I call this one Goddess as I used the same combo (oatmeal and lavender) when I did a soap making demo for a getaway attended by members of my sister's group, Spiritual Goddess Gathering. Everyone in the group loved the combo and agreed it was "fit for a Goddess" (although some Gods like it too!).

Goddess Bar

Goddess bar
approx 4 oz

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Goddess Cat Heads set of 3
approx 4 oz total weight

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