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De-Scent in the Kitchen Soap

Glycerin soap base, corn meal, lemon (citrus limonum) essential oil, tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil.

Lemon oil removes odors. This soap is great when you cook with garlic, fish, or any other strongly scented foods. I've even cleaned my cutting board by rubbing this soap on it.

Tea tree kills bacteria and germs, a must in the kitchen.

I added the corn meal mainly to make the soap yellow but it also adds a slight scrubbing action to the soap. It helps leave your hands soft and smooth.

The name is a pun, sort of. The company is Naked Soaps, but a kitchen soap has to be decent.

Originally created to be a kitchen soap, now available in a bar as some friends wanted this as a shower soap.

De-Scent Soap bar

Descent in the Kitchen bar
approx 4 oz

1 in stock


De-Scent soaps

Descent in the Kitchen round bar plus large leaf
approx 4 oz. total weight

2 in stock


Descent in the Kitchen Cat Head set of 3
approx 4 oz. total weight

2 in stock


De-scent in the Kitchen Magic Set
approx 4 oz. total weight

2 in stock