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Citrus Bliss Soap

Citrus Soap

Glycerin soap base, grapefruit (citrus paradisi), essential oil, orange (citrus sinensis) and/or mandarin orange (citrus nobilis) essential oil, bergamont (citrus bergamia) essential oil, glitter (cosmetic grade).

In aromatherapy, citrus oils are well known to bring joy and happiness. They uplift the spirit and help fight depression. I chose grapefruit as the strongest scent as, to me, it has a slight floral scent and is less "harsh" than orange, which can be very strong. Bergamont is an oil that I didn't know much about until I got some but the scent is fabulous. It is the oil that is added to tea to make Earl Grey tea.

The oils create a soft yellowish-green colored soap and when I add very fine glitter, it has the same sheen that citrus fruits seem to have on the inside.
**I use mica glitter, it has iron oxide added. Natural and safe for the environment, no plastic ingredients**

Citrus Soap Bar


Citrus Bliss bar - approx. 4 oz.

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