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Guilty Pleasures
Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses glycerin soap

Glycerin soap base with goat's milk, patchouli (pogostemon cablin) essential oil, rose otto (rosa damascena, Bulgaria), dried rose petals.

My two favorite oils are patchouli and rose, so I had to blend them together. The patchouli softens the rose. I describe it as smelling like "old rose", the scent of a rose powder that was popular long ago. It is very soft, feminine, and a definite indulgence.

The goat's milk soap is wonderful for the skin and very creamy. Rose is one of the best oils for aging skin and patchouli is great for dry skin.

It was when I created this soap that I came up with the name Guilty Pleasures because I had to have a soap with rose no matter what the cost. To give you an idea, the current price of Bulgarian rose otto essential oil is $168 for 5 ml (1 teaspoon!). (source: Naturesgift.com, 9/2017)

Otto is the more expensive oil, usually steam distilled, and best for cosmetics. Absolute is solvent extracted so while it has the stronger scent, it might contain trace particles of the solvent.

For an oil or cream used directly on the skin, the otto is best. For perfume or soap making, absolute is better as it has the stronger scent. I am using rose otto at the moment as I was able to purchase some at a great price.

Out of stock - Discontinued

The price of rose oil has increased. I do not want to use a cheaper rose oil, I like the Bulgarian best.

When and if I find a quality oil at a better price, I will bring this soap back.